• Stephanie Balan-Petrinjac

    Stephanie Balan-Petrinjac

    Last Labor Day weekend my husband, Dennis, and I flew to Utah to purchase these two girls from Rainbow Toy Poodles. We met with Connie and were so impressed with the quality of her dogs, and also the environment that they are being raised. We fell in love with Utah; such a beautiful place!

  • Dianne Garrett

    Dianne Garrett

    Hi Connie:                           July 2018

    Lucas and I want to thank you for bringing us together. Lucas is a beautiful Rainbow Toy Poodle puppy. He is a very intelligent little fellow with a beautiful coat. He is eager to meet and greet everyone who enters his world – people and other canines alike.

  • Dinora Santos

    Dinora Santos

    If you have stumbled upon this website looking for a toy poodle, you are so fortunate! Prior to having found Rainbow Toy Poodles I did much research on toy poodle breeders in Calgary, Alberta and the surrounding area. Once I spoke to Connie Halcom over the phone I knew my search was over.

  • Mary Ellen & Tootsie

    Mary Ellen & Tootsie

    February 2016

    I had been looking for a little poodle puppy online for sometime; but, none of the ones I went to see impressed me at all. I had just about given up on getting one until I came upon Connie’s website, Rainbow Poodles. I went out the following day to meet Connie and see her poodles. What a wonderful experience I had from the moment I pulled up in front of her lovely home, surrounded by flowers and a beautiful manicured lawn. Connie so graciously welcomed me into her home, and the poodles that followed her were beautifully groomed and so friendly. I would have been happy with any one of them. I was looking to get a little red poodle puppy. Connie didn’t have any at that time; but, she was expecting a litter in 3 months. I left happy with the thought of getting a red puppy from that litter.

  • Pastor Randy

    Pastor Randy

    Our search for a perfect toy poodle led us to driving over 550 miles from Denver to the Salt Lake City area to accomplish that goal. Yes, there were many breeders closer to home, but as far as we are concerned, none compared with what Connie Halcom of Rainbow Toy Poodles offered. It was not about “getting a good deal for the money”, but rather it was about the assurance of quality breeding lines, birthing procedures, and most importantly, those crucial eight weeks of interim care provided by the breeder.

  • Fred Everett

    Fred Everett

    Dear Connie…

    Thank you so very much for assisting us with our search for a “genetically tested” healthy toy poodle puppy with such a wonderful temperament. …

  • Shari H

    Shari H

    To anyone looking for a quality-bred toy poodle, I highly recommend Rainbow Toy Poodles. The entire experience exceeded my expectations!

    Connie Halcom is knowledgeable and honors the integrity of the breed in every possible way. Seeing her facilities integrated into a family home environment was amazing. …

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