Pastor Randy

Our search for a perfect toy poodle led us to driving over 550 miles from Denver to the Salt Lake City area to accomplish that goal. Yes, there were many breeders closer to home, but as far as we are concerned, none compared with what Connie Halcom of Rainbow Toy Poodles offered. It was not about “getting a good deal for the money”, but rather it was about the assurance of quality breeding lines, birthing procedures, and most importantly, those crucial eight weeks of interim care provided by the breeder.

The message is plainly stated right there in Connie’s email address “poodlesathome”  Connie raises her new-born puppies literally in her lovely and well-kept home. Therefore the transition to our home was perfectly seamless. We merely moved our little Milo from her loving home environment to our own.

Being a pastor of a Christian church for over 40 years, whatever I do or seek to be, I always try to use the Holy Scriptures as my source of inspiration and motivation. The Scriptures state,  “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches and loving favor rather than silver and gold.”( Prov. 22:1).  In my estimation Connie Halcom has chosen a good name (reputation) as the rock-solid foundation of her business of providing quality toy poodles with outstanding temperament.

My wife and I are very late in our years. Our little Milo perhaps will outlive us both. Therefore, I made arrangements with Connie that should this be the case that our little Milo will be returned to Connie to place him in another good home just like hers. We trust God in her to do this for us.

Pastor Randy Shupe


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