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The dry dog food I highly recommend is Life’s Abundance. It is a premium pet food made using only quality ingredients. It is a nutrient-dense food with high-quality meat proteins and NO byproducts such as corn, wheat or gluten. These are the four things that cause the most allergies in dogs and cats. There are NO artificial flavors, colors, sugars or artificial preservatives. Made in the USA. Owners of dogs and cats of the shedding variety may notice a 40% decrease in the shedding of their animals after using this pet food for three to four months.

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Water: At the School Of Natural Healing I learned that chlorine in our water systems causes the body to become very acidic in both humans and animals. Chlorine is a poison. It is there to poison out the bacteria in our water systems. My philosophy is to let chlorine do its job but take it out at the point of use. Filtered water will help prevent dog urine leaving burn spots on your lawn, and if they should have an accident on your carpet, it won’t discolor the carpet as much.

Worming Medicine: The worm medicine I think is best is Interceptor. One pill a month at bedtime takes care of heart worm and all other internal parasites at the same time. One pill does it all. A six month supply is available from your veterinarian. If you live in areas where there is a flea problem then I would recommend Sentinel which will take care of fleas as well as the parasites.

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