Dog Glossary

New to poodle language and terminology? Confused by some of the terms on my web site or on the web? Here I define terms for newcomers to professional dog raising and training.

See handler

American Bred
Any dog or bitch born in North America.

Best of Opposite Sex (BOS)
The best dog or bitch that is the opposite sex to the Best of Variety.

See Best of Opposite Sex.

Best of Variety (BOV)
The dog or bitch a judge chooses as best of all shown of a variety that day.
If the BOV is a dog (male) the winning bitch would be the BOS. Conversely, if the BOV is a bitch then the winning dog would be the BOS.

Female dog. (Although perhaps rough sounding outside dog handlers, this is perfectly acceptable and expected terminology.)

Best of Variety (BOV)
See Best of Variety”

Best of Winners (BOW)
BOW-Best of winners

A male dog.

Reserve Winner’s Dog (RWD) & Reserve Winner’s Bitch (RWB)
These are the dogs that were picked next in line to the WD and WB. The reserve winner does not pick up any points.

Winner’s Bitch (WB)
WB-Winner’s Bitch-this is the award that picks up the points. This is the bitch that wins over all the entered bitches in puppy classes, open bitch and bred by exhibitor classes.

Winner’s Dog (WD)
WD-Winners Dog
Select- points go toward grand championship
This is the award that picks up points for dogs and is the dog that wins over all classes.

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