Marina’s family and Rizh

Dear Connie,

Our family is very grateful for your advice and help to get a family member of our dreams. When you offered us one of your wonderful puppies, you mentioned that the baby is very smart for his age, with lots of energy and love to play. How right you were about my Rizh!

At the age of four months, my new baby Rizh demonstrated unusual learning abilities: he immediately mastered new tricks and basic commands. He was not even five months old when I started his agility training, and he was the best in his class regardless of his young age. For example, he learned one of the most difficult agility obstacles – weave poles – in just two weeks, while it normally takes dogs months and even years of constant repetitions to learn it! Even more, Rizh always tried to please us and was happy to learn and show his new tricks. When Rizh reached eligible age for agility trials at sixteen months, I took him to our first weekend competition. I was very nervous, but he performed perfectly and demonstrated clean run without faults. At his first trial, he won the third and the second place in AKC Novice Jumpers and Weavers class though he was the youngest dog in the ring. One month later, Rizh won the first place and received his first agility title – Novice Jumpers and Weavers at his third trial. He was moved up to the Open JWW class level, and I am looking forward to continuing his agility career in advanced levels. This is a real fun for our family!

Besides agility, Rizh excels in obedience training and we plan to start his obedience career soon. Outside the competition ring, he is a very excited and active participant in all family activities, such as hiking, camping, picnicking, boating and travelling. Hiking on forest trails is one of his favorite activities: he never gets tired even after running long miles. Thank you very much for your constant assistance and help with raising this happy puppy. I will be glad to provide referrals and share my experience with your interested customers.

Marina’s family and Rizh (‘Rizhik’ means ‘Red sparkle’ in Russian)
Tamarac, FL

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