Iraida Kochergina

Dear Connie,

I bought two wonderful males from your kennel: Senya (Rainbow’s White Lightning) and Tony (Rainbow’s Little Warrior). Both males totally met my expectation for great show dogs. They are showing very well, and have titles of Russian Champions and National Poodle Club Champions. Their offspring are of a desired breed type and health which we value and keep in our kennel. Both males have wonderful temperament. They are very smart, and it’s a pleasure to live with them.

We kept Senya’s 3 daughters in our kennel. They are wonderful show dogs, and look forward to them producing wonderful offspring as well. The Rainbow kennel’s breeding lines are keepers.

Connie, you are a very experienced and honest breeder, and wonderful human being. I am so glad to know you.


Iraida Kochergina, kennel “Moja Otrada” (Russia, Moscow)

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