Doug and Terry Levan

Dear Connie,

When Doug and I contacted you about getting new puppies, we had visited multiple web sites, viewed countless pictures, and talked to many breeders from several states. Our biggest concern was buying healthy puppies. The pictures you emailed us were awesome. We so appreciated the number of questions you answered, the amount of time you spent sharing your vast knowledge about poodles and how to care for them.

The day we went to pick up our new dogs was exciting but also a little nerve racking.  We just weren’t sure what they would be like.  To our delight, we were so please.  I can hardly put ino words how overwhelmingly happy we were.  Our dogs were so very perfect in all aspects of proportion, coat, paws, teeth, eyes, etc.  The thing that put us over the top was the puppies personalities.

We are so thrilled we made the decision to get our puppies from you.  They are the movie stars at the groomers, and the talk of the entire vet clinic.  We are the proud parents of beautiful, healthy, fun doggies and we love them so much.

Please accept this tesimony and pictures of our dogs and if anyone needs to check a reference we would be so happy to talk to them.  Thank you so very much for all your time and your beautiful poodles.


Doug and Terry Levan
Lakeland, FL

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