Nicolina is a special girl. She is an ice white female. She was going to be shown and entered in the dog shows last month. However she had two teeth that became not perfectly straight so we decided to let her go be someone’s special pet companion dog. She is special! She has a very thick lovely soft coat, black pigment on her nose and mostly dry eye which is so wonderful. She has been lead trained and the crate training is going well. She uses the doggie door throughout the day to take herself out to potty on the grass. She is very playful and has been raised with standard poodles at the handler’s house so she is very self confident. She has had all her puppy shots and been vet checked and found to be in excellent health. If you have an interest in her, you are welcome to contact me. Her date of birth is March 5, 2022.


If you are interested in adopting me or have questions about me, click the Contact Us tab above.



“Cooper” is one smart boy. He comes from excellent bloodlines.  We call him Super Cooper because he didn’t want to wait to be taught how to go up and down stairs or how to use the doggie door. He taught himself in just two days.  He does not want to be with the other pups but prefers to be with the adult dogs.  He is quite the dog, fun loving and a quick learner. He is an ice white male with beautiful black pigment and black toenails which is hard to get in the whites.  He sleeps all night by himself and takes him self out to potty in the morning. He is a very clean dog in that way. He has been vet checked and is in excellent health.  He would make a great pet companion dog for a young family or as a companion to other dogs. His date of birth is May 1, 2022

Sold to Rose Reid of MO

If you are interested in adopting Cooper or have questions about them, click the Contact Us tab above.


“Rocky” is a very handsome boy, well built with many show qualities. Rocky is well bred and comes from a long line of champions. He is very outgoing and has learned many things, like going in and out the doggie door and up and down stairs.  He will make a great pet companion dog for the right family or for a companion for another dog. He has been vet-checked and found to be in excellent health, had his first puppy shots, and been wormed. His date of birth is April 12, 2019.

 Sold to Karen Clarke of Orem, Utah

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“Eli” is a great puppy boy. Beautiful face and  square body. He is mild mannered and is quickly learning new skills every day. He loves to play but enjoys lap time with a human, especially if he has his favorite bully stick to chew on. He has the long ear leathers and the smaller eye. He loves to run in the yard and has learned how to climb the stairs with no problem.  He has been vet checked and had his first puppy shots. He would be great as a single dog or a pet companion for another dog. This one is hard for me to let go 🙂    Date of birth  Jan. 21, 2020 

Sold to Margaret Oines of Utah


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