“Parker” is full of  cuteness and is a  little fluff ball of fun. He is very playful and soo sweet. Loves to snuggle and chew on his bully stick while sitting on some ones lap.  He is learning to climb stairs and loves to run in the yard with his brothers. He sleep through the night with no problem.  He will remain on the smaller side and will be super easy to travel with. He will be lucky to make it to 5 pounds. DOB February 4, 2020   Sold to Kathleen of Park City Utah 


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Winston” is a very handsome boy.  Thick coat and black pigment that makes him so striking to look at. He has more the drier eye with is wonderful. He has the sweetest personality and will make just the best little buddy for the right family. He is a real snuggler.  Loves to explore his world out in the yard with his other siblings. Knows how to climb up and down the stairs. He has been vet checked and was found to be in excellent health. He is now ready for that special family.         Sold to Betsie Price of Utah

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“Eli” is a great puppy boy. Beautiful face and  square body. He is mild mannered and is quickly learning new skills every day. He loves to play but enjoys lap time with a human, especially if he has his favorite bully stick to chew on. He has the long ear leathers and the smaller eye. He loves to run in the yard and has learned how to climb the stairs with no problem.  He has been vet checked and had his first puppy shots. He would be great as a single dog or a pet companion for another dog. This one is hard for me to let go 🙂    Date of birth  Jan. 21, 2020 

Sold to Margaret Oines of Utah


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“Soffie” is a darling puppy girl. She is playful and a smart little girl. She is discovering new things about her world everyday. She has the soft coat that is a pleasure to pet and she loves to snuggle after her play time. She has had her puppy shots and been vet checked and is ready for adoption. She will mature to around 5 to 6 pounds.  Perfect size!  Her date of birth is January 21, 2020       

Sold to Emily Hale of Utah

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“Ruby” is new to the nursery page. She is a nice red color and has a very nice thick coat and long ear leathers. She is coming up on 4 months of age. She was being held back to be a show girl. However I have three others I want to show this year so must let her go. She is self confident and has learned many things already and is ready for new experiences with a new family. She has been vet checked and has good knees and is in excellent health. Her date of birth is September 29, 2019  Sold to Sandra Fontana of Idaho  

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“Rocky” is a very handsome boy, well built with many show qualities. Rocky is well bred and comes from a long line of champions. He is very outgoing and has learned many things, like going in and out the doggie door and up and down stairs.  He will make a great pet companion dog for the right family or for a companion for another dog. He has been vet-checked and found to be in excellent health, had his first puppy shots, and been wormed. His date of birth is April 12, 2019.

 Sold to Karen Clarke of Orem, Utah

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